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Paper/courier/office envelopes

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Our offer also includes classic paper envelopes .

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Paper/courier/office envelopes

Courier envelopes - a must have in every company.

Nowadays, it is difficult for us to imagine a world without online shopping. Comfort and attractive prices are winning the hearts of more and more people. The latest research shows that as many as 3/4 of Internet users are inclined towards virtual shopping. Entrepreneurs who carefully follow current trends cannot ignore these clear facts. If you want to be a serious player on the market, you must also offer your products with a shipping option. The specific circumstances of the pandemic have highlighted the seriousness of this issue. However, it is impossible to conduct effective mail order sales without appropriate onescourier envelopes. As a company with many years of experience, we are perfectly aware of their important role. The experience we have gained over the years has allowed us to develop a complete offer for various purposes. Here you will find more than just traditional onespaper envelopes, but also more specialized products. With our shipping packaging, you will fully ensure the safety of your parcel.

Envelopes in C5 format and more.

Our offer included classic onespaper envelopes. It's hard to believe, but the beginnings of their use date back to the first half of the 19th century. It is not without reason that they have enjoyed unflagging popularity for so many years. Without paper envelopes, it is hard to imagine the safe sending of documents, letters or postcards. We offer them, among others, in the most popular C5 format, but also in C4 and C6. Apart from the standard white onesenvelopesYou can also get it in brown. Thanks to the self-adhesive closure, you can be sure about their contents. In order for the parcel to reach the recipient without unnecessary obstacles, you must also ensure the security of transport documents. The perfect solution is hererebated courier envelopes.Thanks to the strong adhesive, they can be stuck to packages without fear of falling off. The thick, transparent material guarantees impeccable visibility and security of the document. This extremely practical solution will help you save a lot of time and nerves. The rebates we offer in the C5 format have repeatedly proven their value and usefulness in the field of mail order sales.

Discover the advantages of bubble envelopes

Do you want to send a small, delicate item and the safety of your shipment is particularly important to you? Are you looking for a proven and reliable solution? The answer to your dilemmas will be airbubble envelopes. This type of packaging is perfect for shipping jewelry, books or electronic accessories. Made of bubble foil on the inside, they provide exceptional protection of the contents. With reliable closure in mind, ourenvelopes are equipped with a wide strip of glue. In addition, we have a wide range of available formats to meet various customer needs.Bubble envelopescan be purchased in our store in packages of 100 pieces.

It is also worth emphasizing thatenvelopesfrom our offer are classified as Polish products. Thanks to this, they are characterized by above-average quality and attention to detail. In the case of such a sensitive application, this is especially important. We have been using this type of solutions for many years and can confidently recommend them to anyone. We also encourage you to check out our wide range of courier foil packages. Don't wait, improve your business today!

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