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Paper cups

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Party? Or maybe a coffee to go? Regardless of the occasion , paper cups will work in every case!

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Paper cups

Party? Or maybe a coffee to go? No matter the occasionpaper cupswill work in every case! We meet them in cafes, gas stations, restaurants and bars. They have been with us since almost the 20th century. They experienced their ups and downs, and eventually became an indispensable element of takeaway drinks and intimate events.

Get to know the offer at Allbag and choose the perfect onepaper cupsfor myself! If you want to achieve the "WOW!" effect without unnecessary costs and with the environment in mind, you've come to the right place! The use of single-use products is exploding in the market due to the increase in coffee consumption, especially in the environment outside the home. During a busy and hectic working day, we know that time can be short and there is not always an opportunity to sit down and enjoy a freshly brewed tea or coffee.

Paper cupsAllbag are available in many color variants, from classic Kraft color to interesting and colorful patterns. Trust ourpaper cups! Their thick paper wall is extremely resistant to high temperatures and additionally they have rolled edges, which add stiffness and durability.

Ecology combined with appearance

Take care of our planet now!Paper cupsAllbag is a light and reliable way to transport your favorite drink. In our company, we value safety, so we took care of ourspaper cupswere 100% free of artificial colors, therefore they do not change the taste or smell of the drinks.

Kraft paper from which ours are madepaper cups, makes them completely biodegradable. Additionally, the high-quality paper used to create our mugs comes from sustainably managed forests, making them a responsible choice. An additional advantage is definitely the fact that ecological disposable cups make the company gain in the eyes of the consumer.

Safety and hygiene are key elements nowadays, ensure them for yourself and your loved ones withpaper cups, they are single-use, which minimizes the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

Clean up after the party in 5 minutes!

Paper cupsthey will save you from wasting necessary time standing at the sink with a mountain of dirty dishes. Collect them, throw them into the appropriate container and enjoy a clean apartment! Decorative cups in attractive colors made of paper. They are not only a functional addition to any party, but also a beautiful table decoration, creating a magical and unforgettable atmosphere. This decoration will surely delight all guests.

When preparing a social event, we want each element to fit perfectly into the aesthetics of the event, with a wide selectionpaper cupsin our company will allow you to cope with even the most sophisticated decorations. Surprise your guests with paper cups made of durable Kraft paper!

Out of concern for our customers, we have made sure that each size is availablepaper cupsfits standard lids, so you don't have to spend your time searching for unconventional lid sizes. No matter what paper cup you need, we're here to help you get the right product at the right price. Our high quality, exclusivepaper cupsthey make a good first impression - exactly how you want to be remembered!

See the Allbag offer and enjoy your drink today!

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