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Naczynia ekologiczne

Ecological tableware

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Nowadays, each of us tries to help take care of the natural environment. At the same time, increasing awareness of the upcoming climate threat. One of the basic ecological solutions is to completely abandon plastic. Practical disposable paper dishes can help with this. Even though they can be used once, they do not pose as much of a threat to our planet as the plastic mentioned above.

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Ecological tableware

Nowadays, each of us is trying to help take care of our environment, as awareness of the climate threat is increasing. One of the ideas of ecologists is to move away from plastic. And everything that is related to it and made of it. They came to helpdisposable paper tableware.Even though they can be used once, they do not pose as much of a threat to our planet as the plastic mentioned above.

Eco packaging helps the environment

Disposable tablewareare made of ecological Kraft paper. Biodegradable paper has a closed grammage of 200-300g/m2. Thanks to the appropriate thickness of the material from which they are made, they can be used for meals and drinks at extreme temperatures. No soaking or tearing effect. Paper products such ascups, plates or straws,are suitable for contact with food.Paper dishesare the most frequently recycled packaging material. Thanks to this, we are able to help the polluted environment. They do not decompose for several years, but even after several days.

Advantages of disposable packaging

The "eco" lifestyle has positive effects from using disposable packaging. Through this, awareness of the habit of using ecological items is instilled. The advantages of the packaging include high durability. For example, paper plates are able to hold food without the consequences of the paper getting wet or tearing. They should be thrown away after use. They are cheap and are one of the most popular packaging used in gastronomy. During the decomposition process, it serves as a filter for some toxins or heavy metals. An additional advantage of the packaging is that it does not affect the taste of the drink or food. Even well-known brands such as McDonald's and Starbucks are abandoning plastic dishes and replacing thempaper packagingi. It is also a kind of marketing trick that encourages people to use the services of these networks. Because they show their support for ecology and care for the environment. In addition to the standard color of disposable packaging, you can also print it. They will then become colorful and more eye-friendly.

Disposable products and packaging

Some of the most commonly used disposable products arepaper cups. We may find that we get our favorite drinks in paper, not plastic.Disposable paper tablewarethey are irreplaceable during parties and celebrations. We don't have to worry about them breaking or someone getting hurt. We can say the same aboutplates or wooden cutlery. Therefore, it is always worth using disposable packaging, which should then be thrown away so that it can be biodegraded. #goodbyceko

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