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Photocopier paper

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Copier paper is an indispensable element of every office or space with printers.

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Photocopier paper

These cut sheets, despite having the same purpose, differ in size, whiteness and even weight. Awareness of the differences between individual photocopier papers is important to be able to choose the right one, perfect for our needs.

You have enoughphotocopier paperthat doesn't meet your expectations? You've come to the right place!

It cannot be denied that it is applicablepaperis very broad. At Allbag, we value our customers, which is why we ensured the premium quality of our photocopier sheets. Following the rulesphotocopy paperis classified using the conventional letters A, B, C, where class A is definitely the best. Our paper has a smooth, low-dust surface that reduces jams, sticking and curlingpaper, ensuring a high-quality end result.

Choose the perfect copy paper for your company.

Allbag copier paper is intended primarily for everyday use and is ideal for large numbers of black and white prints. Its whiteness is CIE 165, which guarantees eye-pleasing contrast, but the colorful images printed on its surface are also characterized by depth of color.

An additional advantage of oursphotocopier paperthere is universality. Suitable for all printing technologies: laser, inkjet, photocopier and even fax machines. It will not strain your company's budget and will provide visual values ​​that will reflect well on your company.

Think about our planet when choosingphotocopier paper. There are many brands that use paper made from recycled paper, which does not use aggressive chemicals such as bleach, which affects its color.Photocopier paperAllbag has eco certificates, which means that it is produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.

Allbag Copier paper - efficiency combined with quality

Our offer includes attractive promotions when you purchase a larger number of sheets, which allows you to enjoy the savings or spend them on accessories such as document sleeves or binders, which will perfectly fit the size of ourphotocopier paper.

Also take care of your printer. Weightpaperis of exceptional importance in this case. Printers and printing devices are able to handle paper ranging from 60 to 180 g/m2. Papers with a grammage between 70 and 90 g/m2 are the most universal.Photocopier paperAllbag has an optimal grammage of 70 g/m2, which helps avoid damage to the printer or sheet jams. Heavier papers are usually used to produce leaflets, folders or catalogues. However, it is worth taking a look at the instructions and checking which photocopier paper will be suitable for our device.

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